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Lifetime Stats: silver
Member Since: December 4, 2018
Total Points: 197891 points
Total Played: 719 puzzles
Total Solved: 719 puzzles
Success Rate: 100%
Average Score: 275.2 points

Silver's Trophy Room

This is Silver's personal scorecard. Here you can view all the awards Silver has won in our past monthly competitions, as well as a quick rundown of their lifetime playing statistics (to the right).

If you don't have any trophies yet, don't be discouraged, just keep playing! All registered members are automatically entered into each month's competitions, where the top 20 players ranked by point score, solving percentage and average solving time will receive trophies and prize ribbons that will then be displayed here.

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4th place
December 2018
44254 pts.

2nd place
December 2018
100% success

6th place
December 2018
89.1 seconds

* Monthly competitions began in April 2009.

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